Engine Lab

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DYNOmite diesel dynamometers and custom industrial engine-testing systems are state-of-the-art dynos. All feature sophisticated data-acquisition electronics and incredibly powerful performance ratio formerly unheard of for professional, computerized dynamometers.

Typical diesel dynos include: 19" heavy-duty toroidal water-brake or large eddy-current absorber, S-beam electronic torque transducer, high-flow manual (or optional electronic) engine load control, DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, rigid-frame engine test stand, wall (or stand) mounted control console, absorber to engine-block mounting adapter, heavy-duty input shaft, calibration arm, stainless-braided hoses, and full-function data wiring harness.

Diesel Dynamometer Tuning 

Engine Dyno Service

Predators full tuning engine lab features a state-of-the-art DYNOmite diesel engine dyno. Designed to handle up to 2,000-hp and 4,000-ft/lbs of torque, our dyno facility provides advanced high performance engine dyno testing and tuning for street performance, drag, circle track, road racing, and off-road race engines. Predator’s dyno cell is designed and manufactured for maximum performance and durability, as well as unequaled data acquisition capabilities. The DYNOmite data-acquisition is computer controlled with all critical engine functions monitored, automatically recording true Hp, torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It can apply inertia compensation and SAE atmospheric correction factors. 

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Engine Assembly, Research and Engine Development
We can assemble and dyno test your engine. The ability to do very detailed engine dynamometer testing means Predator can also conduct unlimited engine development programs.


Complete Engine Development & Analysis:

  • Sweep tests
  • Constant wide open operation
  • Step tests
  • Air / fuel ratio testing with Horiba instrumentation
  • Valve train studies
  • Cylinder head manifold flow bench
  • Frictional analysis testing
  • Crankshaft torsional vibration testing
  • Magnetic crack detection


Dynamometer testing is performed while recording engine operating characteristics:

Horsepower (HP), friction horsepower, RPM, acceleration and deceleration inertia, torque, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption / fuel flow, air consumption / air flow, air / fuel ratios, brake specifics, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, water and fuel pressures, engine manifold pressure, inlet air temperature, individual cylinder combustion temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, engine water temperature, etc.